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Elevating Healthcare Together – Hand in Hand

At KamuH, we’re more than a healthcare staffing company; we’re a community forged by nurses, for nurses, and in collaboration with healthcare facilities. Our mission is clear: Together, we revolutionize healthcare staffing. KamuH empowers nurses, enhances care, and creates a seamless, nurse-centric marketplace that bridges the healthcare gap.

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Why choose Kamuh

Empowering Nurses

Empowering Nurses

  • Flexible Scheduling: KamuH prioritizes giving nurses control over their schedules, empowering them and preventing burnout.
  • Ownership Stake: Nurses at KamuH are not just employees; they are stakeholders, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment.
Innovative AI-Driven Platform

Innovative Marketplace

  • Seamless Connectivity: Our platform connects nursing professionals with critical shifts seamlessly, offering thousands of credentialed nurses on a gig and permanent basis.
  • Solving Staffing Shortages: KamuH addresses the industry-wide staffing shortage by making healthcare professions more accessible through our online marketplace.
Addressing Staffing Shortages

Fair Compensation and Support

  • Bonuses and Dividends: We value our nurses and reward good performance with bonuses or dividends for their dedication.
  • Training Opportunities: Continuous learning is crucial. KamuH provides training opportunities to enhance nursing skills and professional development.
Addressing Staffing Shortages

Community and Ownership

  • Sense of Belonging: KamuH is more than a staffing agency; it’s a community that emphasizes long-term well-being, ownership, and inclusivity.
  • Business Model by Nurses, For Nurses: In an industry known for challenges, KamuH stands out by redefining the relationship between staffing agencies and nurses.
Benefits to Nurses

Benefits for Nurses

  • Flexible Work-Life Balance: Control your schedule to prevent burnout and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Stakeholder Ownership: Be more than an employee; become a stakeholder in our shared success.
  • Financial Rewards: Enjoy bonuses and dividends as a token of appreciation for your commitment.
  • Continuous Learning: Avail training opportunities to enhance your skills and career growth.

Benefits for Healthcare Facilities

  • Seamless Staffing: Access thousands of credentialed nurses seamlessly for both gig and permanent positions.
  • Quick Critical Role Filling: Fill critical roles promptly, ensuring continuity of care and efficient operations.
  • Long-Term Well-being: Partner with KamuH for not just placements but the well-being and satisfaction of nursing professionals.

Benefits for Healthcare Facilities
  • Diverse Nursing Experience: Our team brings diverse nursing experience, advanced education, and a commitment to enhancing healthcare.
  • Uniquely Positioned: KamuH is uniquely positioned to effectively address the nurse shortage crisis in Finland.
KamuH team

Join KamuH and become part of a healthcare staffing revolution that prioritizes empowerment, fairness, and community. Together, let’s elevate healthcare—hand in hand.

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